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You can order as many or as few items as you want and take as long as you need to browse the PC Upgrade catalogue.

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Ordering Infomation

Ordering with us is quick and simple;

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Site Information

  • Our new e-commerce site allows you to order on-line with the knowledge that your credit card details are secure.  It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to provide for site authentication and peer to peer secure communication. (This feature allows you to safely transmit and receive sensitive information such as credit card numbers).

  • The site also makes use of "cookies" which means that if you are in the middle of an order and you wish to exit the site to look at another site and then return to our site your shopping basket is not lost.  Once you exit your browser the shopping basket is lost.    

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How to order online

    1. Select the item you want to order by clicking the category on the left hand side and following the simple menu structure until you find the exact item you want to purchase.  At the item level you will be able to type in the quantity you wish to order followed by clicking on the Buy Product button.  This places the item in your shopping basket, you may continue shopping and adding other items to your shopping basket until you are ready to place your order.

    1. On all the product and menu pages you will find four buttons, "Change Quantity", "Delete Item", "Continue shopping" and "Checkout". 

    • Change quantity allows you to view your shopping basket and change quantities. 

    • Delete Item allows you to view the shopping basket and delete items. 

    • Continue shopping allows you to return to the home page and continue. 

    • Checkout allows you to place your order and pay for it.


    1. When you have selected all your items and wish to place your order press the Checkout button this then takes you to the shipping option form, once you have selected the type of shipping required you should click on continue to order form.

    1. The next page shows you the total cost including VAT & Delivery you are asked for personal information such as name and address and for credit card or Debit card numbers.  Finally submit your order by pressing the Submit Secure Order.  At any stage prior to this point in the order process no information has been passed to Byte Electronics.

    1. Please ensure you have entered valid card details and a valid email address. Once we have received your order we will email you a Proforma Invoice which will confirm our acceptance of your order.  Please contact us immediately if there is a problem with the order, we aim to dispatch 95% of items the same day as the order is received.  Note the cutoff  time for web orders is 3pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).  If the order is received after 3pm we will endeavour to still dispatch same day, it all depends on how busy are dispatch section is. For more information on shipping and VAT (Value Added Tax) (click here)


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Notes on ordering

  1. Occasionally against an item, next to the quantity order box, you may see an information message appearing which will either says  "0.00" value or "Call for availability". If we are temporarily out of stock or stock has been allocated elsewhere then the message "Call for availability" appears, or If there are any products shown at "0.00" value we are awaiting price information. We shall e-mail you the current costs when available. If it is critical that you receive you goods immediately then we suggest you contact us by phone to ensure we can meet your timescales. Otherwise you may place the order and we will inform you of any delays by email.

  1. For details about our order acceptance policy (click here)

  1. For information on Privacy policy please please view our statement by (clicking here)

  1. All orders are received and processed in accordance with our terms and conditions. 

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