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Broadband/ADSL Products

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D-Link USB ADSL Modem DSL200 D-Link USB ADSL Modem DSL200 55.00
Netgear DG814 ADSL Router with Built-in 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch Netgear DG814 ADSL Router ADSL Modem Built-in 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch
VPN Pass through support Powerful auditing with logging and reporting features
Complete, web-based set up and configuration
Ready for up to 253 users
Unbranded Broadband/ADSL Router 4pt [Router Only not modem] Unbranded Broadband/ADSL Router 4 portConnects to 10/100M broadband ( Cable or DSL Modem) Firewall 46.00
ADSL USB MODEM ADSL USB MODEM is compliant with USB 45.00
ADSL Router + 4port Switch Combination of a switching hub and router. The built-in switching hub provides each connection a dedicated 10/100 Mbps. The Auto MDI/MDIX feature enables the on-chip transceivers to automatically and transparently detect and correct incorrectly wired cables 69.00
ADSL Filter/Splitter This filters all telephone sets, fax machines, answering machines etc individually or in groups on line 1 only. The filter can be used throughout premises to isolate all voice band equipment devices such as telephone sets, answering machines, fax machines, 56Kb and lower rate modems, automatic dialers and recorder connectors. 8.00

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