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PCUpgrade:   Upgrade your Handheld PC?

One of the big success stories this of the past few years has been Handheld PC's, which some experts predict will eventually overtake PC sales. These self- contained devices seem to offer little possibility of upgrading - even the software is usually stored on the BIOS chip.

Nonetheless, there are some changes you can make to improve your handheld performance. Firstly, most have CompactFlash sockets to hold extra memory for data and those programs which are stored in RAM. Flash RAM tends to cost about 3 or 4  per Mega Byte, while IBM's Micro drive, which is available in 170MB and 340MB formats, costs less than 2 per MB. 

Machines such as the Passion Series 5 can move up the memory food chain with the addition of 4MB, 10MB, 20MB Compact Flash disk which plugs into a memory port.

Outside that, if your Handheld does not have a Modem (such as the earlier Passions), these are available to connect to your e-mail on the move - some even support GEM phones.