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How To Install DIMM


Removing. Press the retaining clips down and away from the DIMM socket to eject the DIMM from the socket, then lift it out.
 DIMM Installation


Installing. Match the two notches on the bottom of the DIMM with the raised notches in the socket, then push the DIMM down into the socket until the retaining clips pop up and lock.

Even though your memory is now installed, don’t pop the PC’s cover back on just yet. Plug your computer back in and let it boot up first. You may get an error message when the computer detects the new memory; just follow the on-screen directions or consult the manual to fix the error. The computer needs to update the amount of memory it thinks it has. It should automatically detect the new value and simply ask you to confirm it. You might need to type in the new value yourself, though.

If your computer won’t boot after you install the memory, try reinstalling the memory. If that doesn’t work, make sure you’re installing the right type of memory.

Once your computer is working, replace the cover. Your programs will run faster and your computer should crash less.                                                              

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