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How to Install SIMM Module

Remember that with Pentium processors that use SIMMs, you have to install the SIMMs in pairs (for example, two 16MB SIMMs and two 4MB SIMMs). On the other hand, 386 processors require sets of four 30-pin SIMMs, but can support single 72-pin SIMMs. On 486 and Pentium II processors, you can install single memory modules.

When installing SIMMs in a vertical slot, push them into the socket, then push forward until the retaining clips fasten around the SIMM.

Three sockets are used to hold memory modules: vertical and slanted for SIMMs, and DIMM for DIMMs. Since you might have to remove old memory chips to replace them with new ones, we’ll explain how to install and remove modules from these sockets. If there aren't already SIMMs in the slots, you can tell whether they're slanted or vertical by looking for the retaining clips. If they're about a quarter-inch behind the socket, the socket is slanted. If the retaining clips are to the immediate right and left of the socket, it's vertical.

Before you remove any RAM chips from their plastic packaging, touch the computer’s case to ground yourself and discharge static electricity.


Use both hands to spread the two metal clips on each end of the SIMM apart while gently pushing the SIMM forward, so it leans down. After the SIMM is slanted at a 60-degree angle, pull it out at that angle.

Installing. Instead of trying to insert the SIMM by pushing it down, line up the notch (on 72-pin SIMMS) and the pins with the socket and tilt the SIMM at a 60-degree angle to the socket. Keeping the SIMM at that angle, push it into the socket. Push the SIMM in as far as it will go, then hinge the SIMM up, pushing down and over at the same time. There will be some resistance when the SIMM reaches the metal holding clips, but continue to push the SIMM until the clips lock. The SIMM should be absolutely flat in the socket. Remove and reinstall if the module is not firmly locked into place.


Use both hands to spread the metal holding clips apart, then push the SIMM forward until it is standing straight up. You then can easily pull the SIMM up and out of the socket.

Installing. Push the SIMM directly down into the socket, making sure the notch (on 72-pin SIMMs) and pins line up with the socket. Once the SIMM is as far down into the socket as it will go, push it forward toward the metal holding clips. Continue pushing until the clips lock. Remove and reinstall if the module is not securely locked.


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