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How To Install SODIMM


Installing SODIMM is tricky because the slots are flat.

1. To begin, remove your old SODIMM. (This is even trickier than the installation.) You need to push the plastic clips outward until they both clear the SODIMM, then, while holding the clips out, pivot the SODIMM up. Once it’s up a bit, you can pull it from the slot. (You’ll wish you had extra fingers.)

2. To install the new SODIMM, orient it so the notches on the ends of the edge connector match the configuration of the slot. Because the SODIMM slots are smaller, it can be hard to see the configuration, so be careful.

3. Hold the SODIMM at a very slight angle to the slot. In most cases, you will not be able to lay the SODIMM flat because of the plastic clips at each end of the slot.

4. Push the SODIMM firmly into the slot. This can be hard, but try not to use excessive force.

5. As the SODIMM seats into the bottom of the slot, the detents on the plastic clips will line up with the notches in the SODIMM. At this point, you can pivot the SODIMM until it is flat. The plastic clips will snap into place, holding the SODIMM flat in the slot.

How to install

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