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Memory: This is commonly known as, Random Access Memory or RAM. A computer uses Random Access Memory to hold temporary instructions and data needs to complete tasks. There are many forms to memory and to choose the correct type is is essential to know the information in this section. 

The Pentium II processor: Image courtesy of Intel CorporationCentral Processing Unit (CPU) This Chip handles hundreds of calculations per second . These calculations can represent bank interest rates, telephone directories or the position of a bullet flying across the screen Essentially each calculation is very simple; it is the quality of the calculations and the speed that they are made that makes the CPU so amazing.  Processors are essentially made by Intel and AMD but there are other companies such as Cyrix, IBM, IDT (Win Chip) that have CPU's on the market. Different types of processor have different shapes and motherboards that they are fitted onto (discussed here)

Hard DriveHard Drive: A permanent data storage device inside your PC. The magnetic media that carries the data is on aluminum or glass disks, hence the term 'hard'. For available hard drives (click here)


Main BoardThe main circuit board inside the computer case. It provides electrical connections and communication pathways to the various parts of your PC. (Also known as the Motherboard)

To find out what is on your motherboard (click-here)